Custom designed teeshirt printing and embroidery

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Wish Designs, Inc.
5 Trask Drive
Dover, NH 03820

Physical Location:
Cocheco Mills
383 Central Avenue
Dover, NH 03820

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Illuminate Your Business

We've Moved to New England!

Impressions matter. Wish Designs Inc. makes your impression last. Wear your image. Illuminate your storefront. Advertise your business. Represent your company or organization. Display your products. Promote your team. Create a unique logo. Make a lasting impression with Wish Designs, Inc.

Wish Designs, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing distinctive and unique products since 1987. We specialize in screen printed and embroidered apparel, signs, graphic design, displays, door art, advertising specialty items, and furniture.

With over 20 years of experience, Wish Designs, Inc. serves distinguished clients with premier design and manufacturing services. Our office and design center are now located in Dover, New Hampshire. Wish Designs, Inc. products directly represent those who wear, display, or use them. It is our main objective to produce high-quality and creative items that will represent and serve you, our client, in an outstanding and distinguished manor.

Together, the Wish Designs, Inc. team creates unique and lasting impressions in thread, ink, fabric, metal, paper and wood. We look forward to working with you.
Display Your Brand
Wear Your Image