Wish Designs, Inc.
5 Trask Drive
Dover, NH 03820

Physical Location:
Cocheco Mills
383 Central Avenue
Dover, NH 03820

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Wish Designs, Inc. offers unique custom design, high-quality production, and personal service. We have over twenty years of experience serving the design and creative product needs of local and national clients. We understand that the impressions we create impact you and your business; therefore, we work to customize and personalize our work to meet your unique needs. We are a premier design and manufacturing company and offer professionalism you can count on, custom work that will set your business apart, and exceptional customer service. Make a lasting impression with Wish Designs, Inc.

Competitive Prices: We offer a variety of services and products to meet every budget. We are happy to work with you to provide high-quality products to meet your budget and your preferences.
Custom Design: Before we begin designing, we work with you so the concept you have in mind becomes our design inspiration. We conduct detailed research to ensure that no matter how complex or detailed the design, our designs represent you and your organization with accuracy and precision.
Creativity: We are respected for our ability to merge creative and professional concepts to meet our clients' unique needs.
Production Time: We design and produce to meet your schedule and needs. We prioritize your work and produce high-quality creative products with an urgency that reflects the fast-paced world in which we live.
Quality Assurance: Wish Designs, Inc. guarentees consistent high-quality products and client satisfaction. We have been serving local and national clients for over 20 years. All of our design, production, and customer services reflect a dedication to quality.
Shipping: We ship nationally using UPS and UPS Third Party Shipping.
A Locally Owned Business: Wish Designs, Inc. is a locally owned business. We are actively involved in the Lehigh Valley community and are dedicated to supporting fellow local businesses. We participate in and support many local service projects and work to have a positive impact on our clients and community.